POLAR POWER

My recipe for Mahti Vanukas Power Pudding

I`d like to introduce you three natural products which could be useful for this rainy season ahead.
I have tried them before and made different recipes out of these products.

So the Fall is ahead of us and so we might expect some fight against flu!

Why don`t do it naturally!

I just arrived travelling from LA`s heat and the second day home got sore throat.

What I try to do first is to kick off the flu by using natural sources such as ginger, turmeric, herbs...

I got familiar with these Arctic Warriors products

which are

100% from
Finnish Lapland

Made from Fresh Lapland Herbs

From Pure Nature

Even better



Gluten & Dairy free

Tasty also for children as the elixirs are naturally sweet!

My recipe for Ruusunjuuri Juoma Roseroot Drink

Where to get these products of POLAR POWER?

MAHTI Angelica Elixir

Get Extra Boost for your immune system!

SINNI Roseroot Elixir

Improve your Endurance !

PUHTI Energy Shot

Perfect for quick Energy need!

My recipe for Puhti Patukat Power Bars

When Energy needs are low you can also find this Herb & Honey Combination useful to give you some extra energy!

Or make these Snack bars out of it!

ps. I`m honored to say I have partnered with ARCTIC WARRIORS
From now on if you choose to click  Shopping for these 100% Finnish Lapland Products
via my page I`ll have a little percentage of your order. Thankyou!


                                                                             - J -