Spent a Day in Tallin and Found this Vegan Restaurant.

                              The food was Super pretty and tasted amazingly delicious & Good.

                                                 Definitely worth of trying, Vegan Restoran V

Pretty Little Meals, Super Delicious!
Thank you Vegan Restoran V!

First Time Visiting Vegan Restoran V and couldn`t be happier when I left.
Look at this gorgeous Vegan Meal!
Vegan Restoran V in Old Town of Tallin
Perfect Birthday Meal!

Jasmin Rice Topped With Red Kale and Sprouts in Curry Sauce With Chickpeas and Cauliflower
Quinoa Topped With Pineapple & Spicy Tofu in Coconut and Sweet Potato Sauce
Pink Birthday Smoothie - Hallon&Banana

Hint for those who are seeking Vegan restaurants in Tallin! I was so delighted By the food, atmosphere and the service! Definitely will be going there next time I visit Tallin!

Anyone Else tried Vegan Restoran V?

                                                                        - J -