Two  Delicious &  Only Two-Ingredient Recipes For you!


Home .Made White & Light Tahini

Made of Only two ingredients:

Peeled SesameSeeds


Coconut Oil

Simple & Easy

Just Blend:

200 g Sesame seeds (peeled)

When the texture of the seeds is fine enough,


~ 50 g Coconut Oil

Here`s Also Recipe for my PeanutButter I made earlier this week...

Chunky PeanutButter

After the Peanuts have been left aside to cool down I just literally smashed them in a minigrip bag and when small enough ( I left the texture CHUNKY) just add Coconut Oil

Only two easy ingredients:

120g Roasted Peanuts ( I roasted them on a frying pan)


15 g Coconut oil

Both are perfect as some energy-in-need Snack with Apples, veggies, fruits & berries,

Hint...I often enjoy them with cooked rice with a hint of salt, YUM!

Have a Lovely  Sunday evening!

- J -