Natural Yoghurt -Recipe

STEP 1: Place the cashew nuts into a bowl, for this portion I used approximately 100g of Cashew nuts.

STEP 2: Boil some water and pour it on the cashew nuts. Let them soak for one hour or so untill the texture is soft.

STEP 3: Pour the hot water away and rinse the cashew nuts with cold water. Then put them into a blender.

STEP 4: Blend until the texture becomes soft.

STEP 5: Add some coconut milk with the nuts. I used 200g of coconut milk for this portion.
STEP 6: Blend until the texture is nice and soft and all the nuts are blended properly with the coconut milk.

                                                       Refridgerate few hours or over-night.

STEP 7: Serve with freshly picked up redberries. I used some redcurrants from my grandma`s garden.

This is how I made my Natural Flavor youghurt this time.
Simple & Easy!

- J -