Green Day!

GreenGreenGreen, being the power word of the Day!
Today`s Lunch consists of LOADS of greens, Glutenfree and Vegan!

Chickpeas and Avocado smashed on glutenfree bread. Topped with Lemon juice and Hint of Salt and Pepper.
On the other side of the plate Lots of Fresh Spinach!
Close-Up. Yummy Bread!
Oh as you can see I sprinkled sesam seeds on top to add some more crunchines!
Don`t be afraid to use pepper and salt, lemon juice is necessary, makes it superdelicious!

Zucchini Pasta with Spinach -Pesto. Both made By me. Simple & Easy!
Hope this Lunch keeps me going through the day and dance training!

More Greens! Smoothie! Apple, cucumber, kiwi, mint, spinach, kale and cinnamon. On top some speltpops!
The dessert!

This Lunch made me so Happy! Energy Boost, Fresh Kick!
Easy, Vegan, Glutenfree, GREEN!