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                                            TASTE OF HELSINKI

Food Lover`s Weekend in Taste Of Helsinki


I had a great day in the event & got to try plenty of different tasting dishes - I discovered one booth that served also Vegan & GF Options

It was Restaurant Nolla - Crispy Mushroom Waffle & Cured "Sturgeon" and Asparagus

Thank you for that!


Electrolux has organized a fun cooking contest for two of our Kotiliesi Bloggers and Finnish National Culinary Team.

They had 20 minutes to create three different toasts from pre-selected ingredients

Of course, Everybody had a chance to have a taste and vote for the winner flavor in the end

They had a pleasure to cook in Electrolux`s full-equipped kitchen 

Let`s see what both Kitchens came up!

Here is served

Salmon & Lemon topped with capers, dill and some red pepper

Bacon & Poached Egg with Fresh Basil

Red & Green Pepper with Herrings with some fresh onion, dill & lemon

Here are the Winner Toasts ( Left to Right)

Dark Bread & Poached Eggs with Herrings and Fresh Onion & Herbs

Dark Bread & Salmon mousse with Strawberries and some greens

White Bread & Zucchini and Slightly Fried Summer Onion topped with Strawberries & Basil

- That was my favorite as I LOVE Strawberries with Basil & It was The only Vegetarian Option

Definitely Going to try these at Home!



The Event`s Venue is open two more days - Today & Tomorrow
Go &  Have A Taste Of Helsinki

Don`t forget to practice your own chef`s skills in the Electrolux Booth
where you have a chance to cook with guidance of Finnish Culinary Team

Have a tasteful Weekend!


- J -