Wappu Waffles!




!Wappu Waffles!

Created this Waffle from Only  three Ingredients:

                                                                           Oat Flour

                                                                                Oat Milk

                                                                                      Delight Cookie Dough -Protein Bar

Always with Toppings

                                                                         Coconut Cream

                                                Passion Fruit

                           Roasted Sesame Seeds

Not The Sweet Without Salty Option


                                                                          Half of an Avocado

                                               Green Sallad Leaves        &      Cherry Tomatoes

                                                                         Brazil & Cashew Nuts




Perfect Backyard Picnic



Wegeterian Waffles

                                                                 # Gluten Free
                                                                 # Sugar Free
                                                                 # Wegeterian
                                                                 # Protein Delight


                                                   ! Have A Great Vappu!

                                                    !Hyvää Vappua!

                                                    !Glada Vappen!

 Now I`m gonna enjoy these Waffles,


                                 Hopefully some is saved for tomorrow morning Brunch!


                                                               Sun to your Wappu evening,

                                                                                   - J -