Delicious Energy

Made this SUPERDELICIOUS energy boosting smoothie for the pre-workout fuel. Really got the extra energy needed in the afternoon. CANDY in A Jar!

TOPPINGS: Oreo cookies, almonds, Peanut butter, Snackbar & pinch of sea salt. What a combination!

Found this  Puhdistamo Rawchocolate SnackBar and decided to dip it into my smoothie. Unbeatable treat & so healthy! It became my favourite at the moment!   

                                        Recipe for this Keep-Going-Smoothie is As Simple as This

                                                                           Put in a blender:

                                                                         1 dl Blackcurrants
                                                                                  1 kiwi
                                                                          A piece of ginger
                                                                 A pinch of chili & sea salt
                                                                        1 Tbls Hemp protein
                                                                    1 Tbls rawcacao powder
                                                                         2 dl coconut milk

Mix all together and top with my example or your favourite healthy treats. I might try goji berries, rawcacao nibs, macadamia nuts, sesamseeds next time!

                                                                               Love, J