Leftover -Wrap

Wrap it Sweet!

Here`s my last night`s recipe for Vegan Wrap -  Made of leftovers in a freezer.

I had cooked sweet potatoes in an oven a while ago and put the extras in a freezer. I let them melt in a room temperature and simply made " sweet potato smoothie" in my smoothiemaker. 

I only added

a little salt & pepper, olive oil, rice flour and/or crushed flaxseeds.

Then spread the"smoothie" on a baking tray and put in an oven for 200 C/ 30 or more  minutes.

Sweet Sweetpotato Wrap. Gluten/Dairy Free. Vegan.

 Fresh  Fillings.     Kale.      Radish.     Carrot.    Cucumber.
To Add some Protein I used  Chickpeas & Sunflowerseeds

Light and Healthy Option for Late-Night-Dinner!

                                                                       Simple  & Delicious!

                                                                                   -    J   -